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Fliers Calling Columbus Day 'An Offensive Holiday' Claim Parade Is Canceled; Organizers Say That Is Not True

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A popular parade in Bloomfield is back this year, and while workers are busy getting ready for it today, they're also going to business to business, asking them if they received a flyer. It says "Columbus Day Parade Canceled." They're telling residents and business owners it's not true.

"The parade has not been canceled," said Guy Costa, a Columbus Day Parade organizer.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Steve Willing)

Costa, an organizer with the Columbus Day Parade, is spending his Friday posting "No Parking" signs along Liberty Avenue.

He's also making sure to let people know the parade is still on.

He tells KDKA, someone or some group was passing out flyers that said in part:

"We would like to publicly apologize as it has been brought to our attention that this is an offensive holiday. Columbus' arrival to America caused the mass murder of Native American people."

The letter is signed with a spelling error:

"The Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade
Community Members of Bloomfifeld
Little Italy Days"

(Image Provided)

Click here to read the full letter.

"We the Italian-American community. We use Christopher Columbus Day as a way to celebrate our traditions, our Italian-American heritage, so that's the way we look at it," said Costa.

Last year was a tough one for organizers as one of their own died, leading to the cancellation of the parade.

This year, they're looking forward to continuing a more than 30 year tradition.

The festivities kick off Saturday at 11 a.m. on Liberty Avenue at Aspen Street and ends at Liberty and Ella Street, where the reviewing stand is set up. It will go on rain or shine.

"We have 97 different units going to be here tomorrow, we have eight musical bands, and it's difficult. We start back in June, and then the last eight weeks, we meet every week," said Tony Ferarro, Columbus Day Parade organizer.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Steve Willing)

People planning to travel through that area should expect road closures. Parking restrictions will be in place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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