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Child Tax Credit To Help Thousands Of Pittsburgh-Area Families

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The IRS says it is still sending out the third round of stimulus checks that are part of President Biden's recovery plan. The IRS says it sent another 2.3 million checks out this week. But there's more money on the way for families with dependent children.

In addition to those $1,200 stimulus checks approved by Democrats in March, starting in July, many families with children can expect to receive monthly checks as part of the advanced payments of the expanded child tax credit.

This was part of President Biden's recovery plan, and it's about to make many families very happy.

Under this program, families with a dependent child under six receive $300 a month per child for the rest of the year, while those with children six and older receive $250 a month per child.

Congressman Mike Doyle, who supported this special payment, says it will help thousands of families in the Pittsburgh region.

"This is going to provide benefits to 86 percent of the children living in my congressional district, over 35,000 households. So this is transformative in terms of getting some money out to those families that have a lot of children and don't make that much money and are struggling," he said.

This benefit is available to only those couples with children making under $150,000 a year, or single parents making under $75,000. And as long as the IRS knows that you have dependent children, you don't have to do anything. Just wait for the check.

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