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Daughter Says Parents Caught In Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse Fractured Spines

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Several people were injured after the Fern Hollow Bridge over Frick Park collapsed into a ravine. Miraculously, no one was killed.

Ten people, including some first responders, were injured. Four people were taken to UPMC with serious but survivable injuries. Three are still in Presbyterian while the fourth person, who was taken to Shadyside, has been released.

KDKA's Amy Wadas spoke to a woman whose parents are at UPMC Presby. Tyrone and Velva Perry, both 69, were in a red pick-up truck about to drive across the bridge when they heard a noise and realized the bridge was starting to buckle right in front of them.

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(Photo Credit: Mike Darnay/KDKA)

Their pick-up tumbled all the way down to the ravine below and their daughter said they're both in the ICU with fractured spines. She's waiting to hear what's next while her parents are getting MRIs.

"This morning, around 6:30, they were on their way crossing over the Frick Park Bridge when it collapsed," said Erin Perry. "They were in a truck, hit the bottom, and then my father who was driving said after they hit the bottom, then there was a car that came barreling towards them, flipping over, and then it landed right beside their truck."

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Erin said she's so thankful her parents survived despite what happened. She said they're alert and in good spirits, and they'll be transferred to the trauma ward Saturday.

"They're in there for observation, but they have sustained fractures to their vertebrae, so they have broken backs. I don't know how much that's considered a fair condition. They can move their limbs, but they have definitely sustained major injuries," Erin said.

She said her parents were directed to get out of their vehicle, so with their fractured spines, they walked themselves out of their pick-up until they could find somewhere to sit down.

Fern Hollow Bridge Collapse
(Photo Credit: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

"They're both having different trauma responses and we are praying with them. Both are 69 years old. They sustained broken backs at this point in their lives -- a long road ahead to recover," she said.

As for herself, Erin said she's holding up okay, but there are moments of shock that settle in: "It brings tears to my eyes. They could've lost their lives."

On Saturday morning, Erin told KDKA her parents were expected to be admitted to the trauma ward after spending some time in the ICU.

Fire Chief Darryl Jones said "by the grace of God" no one was hurt. They finished checking under the bridge to make sure no one was trapped and transitioned from a response phase to a recovery phase Friday evening. Just a little bit later, and the bridge would have been full of people during the morning commute, Jones said.

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