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Pittsburgh Unveils 'Avenues Of Hope' Project To Revitalize Historically Black Neighborhood Business Districts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Pittsburgh is launching a new program for minority communities called "Avenues Of Hope."

It's a plan to invest in the business districts of Black, underserved communities.

The plan was unveiled Wednesday afternoon at Village Park in Larimer. It's currently an abandoned lot turned into a junkyard, but soon they will be building a park in the space.

The hope for "Avenues Of Hope" is to convert many neglected sites in the city into productive businesses.

In places like the Hill District, Homewood and Larimer, abandoned buildings and storefronts fill the neighborhoods.

Mayor Bill Peduto says much of the city is doing very well, but not neighborhoods like these.

avenues of hope
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"It is time to invest where the investment is needed," Peduto said.

The "Avenues Of Hope" include -- Larimer Avenue, Homewood Avenue, Centre Avenue, Chartiers Avenue, Perrysville Avenue, Warrington Avenue and Irvine Avenue.

Politicians, clergymen and community activists gathered today to pledge millions to invest in Pittsburgh's historically Black neighborhoods and attract new businesses to blight areas.

City Councilman Ricky Burgess says just like Black Lives Matters, black Pittsburgh matters too.

"Pittsburgh can no longer be the tale of two cities," Burgess said. "It's residents living simultaneously in the best of times if you are white, and the worst of times if you are black."

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is investing in the project, and the city is seeking funding from the corporate community and charitable foundations.

PNC Bank has already pledged $10 million to "Avenues Of Hope" and other URA projects.

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