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Pittsburgh-Area Restaurants Still Struggling To Find Employees

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Many businesses in the Pittsburgh region are still struggling to keep their doors open because of a lack of employees.

Restaurants in the Pittsburgh region are bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic closures, but many aren't getting enough applications for their job openings.

For now, Peebles District Volunteer firefighters in the North Hills can no longer walk to their favorite pizza shop.

"It's a very good place. Lucky for us, when they fire up the ovens and you can smell the breadsticks, it kind of gets a craving going on here. So the guys pretty much travel there quite often," said fire chief Matthew Williams.

Luciano's Pizza & Six Pack to Go in McCandless is temporarily closed. The business cited labor shortages and a "possible second lockdown pending."

"Our membership was a little heartbroken. It's our go-to place for Tuesday nights, our drill night, guys will order before drill," said Williams.

Zia Maria Bakery and Cafe in Connellsville shared on Facebook that its location is closing on Sept. 5 because of a lack of staff. Downey's House in Robinson Township also posted on Facebook that it will no longer be open on Mondays because of staffing shortages.

It's not just food establishments that are having a tough time finding employees. Help wanted signs are posted outside of all kinds of businesses in the Pittsburgh region.

As the pandemic causes more problems, people hope their local businesses will stay.

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