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Pittsburgh Among Top Cities For People Under 30

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- For years, Pittsburgh has worried that many young people were moving away.

Now a California company says this is really an attractive city for millennials, those under 30 years of age.

"When you combine everything from unemployment rate to average rent prices to medium list prices to local community activities, Pittsburgh definitely made the top five," says Julie Reynolds, a spokesperson for, who issued the survey. says Pittsburgh, Dallas, Phoenix, Athens, Ga., and Tallahassee, Fla., -- in no order -- have what it takes to attract young people.

Brian Magee of the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Reverse Australia Project or PUMP that works to attract young professionals is not surprised.

"Pittsburgh is the kind of place that right away that sort of has that cultural feel that is warm and inviting, and Pittsburgh people are some of the friendliest most engaging people that you will meet."

The region's low unemployment, housing costs, public transportation, clubs and night life, and sports teams all add up.

Sometimes when you walk through Market Square at lunch time, it's easy to think that almost everyone in Pittsburgh is under the age of 30.

Many say it's the entertainment places that appeal to millennials.

"We have the South Side, we have Station Square. They're tons of things that young people like to do down there. It seems like it's always crowded every weekend," says Katie Stout of West Alexander.

But millennials have suggestions, too.

"I think the city could do a better job attracting young people downtown at night. It gets kind of dead around here," notes Elizabeth Keasey of Harmar.

And many said more public transit -- not less -- is a must.

"I think if they improved the public transportation, make it a little easier to get around for the young people, especially when you're drinking," says Joshua New of Oakland.

"The PAT bus cuts if they come in September will be huge," adds Ashley Orr of Harmar.

And for those here for the summer -- these are the words you like to hear.

"Sure, I would definitely consider working here and living here," says John Pilch from Alexandria.

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