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Pittsburgh Unveils 10-Year Plan To Add 120 Miles Of Bike Lanes, Trails And Low-Traffic Streets

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Over the next 10 years, the city of Pittsburgh plans to add 120 miles of bike lanes, trails and low-traffic streets.

On Tuesday, the city released its final Bike(+) Plan -- the result of 5 years worth of development and consultation with hundreds of stakeholders.

The plan aims to give people more affordable transportation so they can access necessities like jobs, grocery stores and schools.

The current network will double as the city plans to add 120 miles of bike lanes, trails, low-traffic streets called "neighborways" and other improvements.

It's not just for bikes. The plan also focuses on other forms of mobility modes like pedal-assist electric bicycles, motorized scooters and skateboards

"Now more than ever, we need resiliency and safety in our transportation network," said Mayor Bill Peduto in a press release. "People on bicycles, people in vehicles, and people on foot all benefit from a complete network that logically accommodates travelers of all modes."

You can read the plan here.

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