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Pitt Tight End Hubie Graham Optimistic For Upcoming Season

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- His picture isn't on the side of any buses and it's hard to think of a single catchphrase coming out of his mouth.

But that no nonsense approach is exactly what the Pitt football players were looking for this off-season as Paul Chryst takes over for Todd Graham.

The hope on the South Side is that a quiet off-season will translate to better results as the season approaches.

"Everybody really bought in to Coach Chryst and since the day he got here and everybody just wanted to come in and work," Hubie Graham, a senior tight end, said.

It helps most of the Panthers like tight end Hubie Graham are going back to the style of football they were recruited to play.

"It's gonna be back to simple football," he said. "We're not gonna be running trick plays, we're not gonna be trying to pull magic out of our hat. We're really just gonna line up. People are gonna know what's coming and they're gonna have to try and stop us."

Last year on the practice field, the word you heard most was "speed." This year, speed isn't about tempo and running between plays.

Instead, it's about playing fast after the ball is snapped. Chryst's staff hopes to accomplish that with a different approach in the classroom.

"They really want players to understand the game and understand the schemes," Graham said. "They're not just writing things on the board and expecting us to memorize it and go out there and do it and I think that's really helped a lot of players."

"They're learning the game and it allows you to go onto the field, practice that much better and that much faster," he added."

If that happens, the results should follow, allowing Hubie Graham's senior class to leave the program in good hands as it heads to the ACC.

"Words really can't explain the feeling going into my senior year, how fast time goes, but knowing that we're playing under a coach like Paul Chryst and the leadership that he has, I think it's going to be very exciting and the fans are going to be very pleased."

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