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Pitt Professor Helps Raise More Than $800K For Ukraine Through Kyiv School Of Economics

KYIV, Ukraine (KDKA) - Monday several professors living in Ukraine held a panel discussion about the ongoing crisis in the country. They spoke about the ways people can help during this time of need.

In the middle of this war, all while taking shelter in basements to protect themselves during air raids, professors from the Kyiv School of Economics have been hard at work organizing.

Tymofiy Mylovanov, who is an associate professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh and the president of the Kyiv School of Economics has helped raise more than $800,000 through the school to fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The money has been raised in just under 24 hours, showing the willingness of so many people to help during this crisis.

"We want to demonstrate that Ukraine has agency. It's a sovereign country, it's been underestimated. We are independent, proud people. We will survive and we will resist," Mylovanov said. 

Mylovanov said those who have been donating their voice have been just as important as those donating their money.

The money raised by the school is going to people in Ukrainian cities most impacted by this war. They have been able to establish new supply lines to get things like medical supplies and food delivered to those places that have been cut off by the Russian military.

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