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On A Positive Note: What Started As A Pitt Student's Quarantine Art Project Turned Into Her Grandmother's Reason For Getting Up In The Morning

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Hannah Jones is a 19-year-old freshman art student at Pitt and is quite the talented artist. Her favorite subject: migratory birds.

For the month of May, she has challenged herself: "I've wanted to do an art challenge. which is when you post on Instagram an art piece every single day."

Hannah and her father go birding almost everyday.

"So I thought it would be fun to try to draw migration bird species every day and I have been doing that," she says. She was working on number 27 for today, May 27: the Louisiana waterthrush.

Migratory birds are seasonal. often traveling from north to south between breeding grounds.

"These amazing creatures, they may show up for only a few weeks, but they come here and they are beautiful and I just want everyone to know they are here," she says.

Hannah's grandmother, Melinda Koujales contacted KDKA-TV about the art work and thought it would work in our "On A Positive Note" segment because frankly, it uplifted her so much during this pandemic.

"It brings joy. I didn't want to get up before in the morning. I would say 'another day of this' and now I get up and can't wait to see what she created and it's a joy," says Melinda.

And under each drawing, Hannah provides a little bit of information about the bird.

NOTE: KDKA is reviving our segment with Brenda Waters called "On A Positive Note."

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