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Pitcairn man arrested for impersonating police, pulling woman over for 'speeding'

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MONROEVILLE (KDKA) - A Pitcairn man is behind bars tonight after posing a police officer and confronting a woman in Monroeville. 

According to police, it all began as a road rage incident and ended in the Pike Plaza in Monroeville where things quickly escalated. 

The Monroeville police chief said Jason Birdwell of Pitcairn started following a woman in his car, tailgating her, honking his horn, and even got out of his car on Route 22 and tried walking up to her window. 

That's when she took off and eventually pulled into the plaza, where Birdwell followed her, with a body camera on, and accused her of speeding. 

Once she called 911, Birdwell took off. 

Police found him a few miles away and pulled him over and he was belligerent, continuing to tell officers he was recording them. 

He was arrested and police found a gun inside his car along with a handcuff key, a taser, and a badge that read "Fugitive Recovery Agent." 

Birdwell allegedly told police he had the right to stop the woman for speeding because he was tired of police not doing their jobs. 

"It was it's a serious issue that should be very, very concerning," said Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole. "It's concerning that he was even having any type of road rage incident. What makes them do that? Nobody knows. But, you know, certainly, he was making comments that the police weren't doing their job and he was doing traffic, but the reality is, he's someone that you know, is obviously not a law enforcement person in any way or form."

Police are now asking anyone who may have had similar contact with Birdwell to reach out to them. 

Birdwell is now facing multiple charges including impersonating a police officer, harassment, and reckless driving. 

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