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Pit Bull Shot After Turning On Owner

BROOKLINE (KDKA) - Early Wednesday morning, a pit bull turned on its owner, forcing the woman to choose between herself and the dog.

A woman was in the violent grasp of her own pit bull. The dog bit her arm and refused to let go, prompting a neighbor to  shoot the dog.

"Asked the neighbor, did she want him to shoot the dog and she answered 'yes,'" neighbor Brian Matlack said.

Matlack woke to his neighbor yelling for help around 6 a.m. The woman apparently slipped and fell on some ice, which startled the dog.

By the time he got to her, there was little anyone could do.

"A lot of people were trying to call the dog, trying to get the dog off. But it seemed pretty single-minded and focused on one thing," Matlack said.

Another neighbor came over with a gun and with consent from the owner, he fired two shots.

"As soon as he fired the first shot, the dog let go and made a beeline toward him – kind of made a step toward him – and that's when he shot and put the dog down again," Matlack said.

The woman was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital and her condition is unknown.

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