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Pirates May Raise Ticket Prices Next Year

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The Pittsburgh Pirates haven't made it official yet, but according to published reports, they'll be raising ticket prices for the 2012 season.

With the team possibly heading to a 19th straight losing season, how are fans reacting?

The Pirates' early success this year has led to increased attendance and revenues. The team may draw 300,000 more fans than it did last year.

They're winning over young fans for the future and welcoming new fans to the bandwagon.

However, a ticket price increase may not be something a lot of people will welcome.

"Times are tough around here, so I'm sure most people would like them to keep the prices down, you know, especially since it's hard to have a winning season in what,18,19 years?" Al Dinelo said.

The Pirates did increase the price of tickets bought on game days this year, but a major price increase would be the team's first in 10 years.

Some fans said if the money goes toward putting a better team on the field, they're okay with paying higher ticket prices.

"You know, one of the ways you can turn a team around is by giving it a little more money. So, I'm not necessarily against raising ticket prices," Ben Devore said.

Pirates tickets are among the cheapest in Major League Baseball. For instance, to go to a game in Philadelphia, you'd pay an average of $36 a ticket.

The Major League Average is nearly $27, while the average Pirates ticket is $15.


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