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PIAA Rescinds WPIAL's Washington H.S. Forfeiture Decision

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The PIAA has overturned a decision by the WPIAL, which forced Washington High School to forfeit five games due to an ineligible player dimming their hopes for the playoffs.

According to Washington High School Athletic Director Joe Nicolella, the PIAA rescinded the forfeiture Thursday afternoon.

"When I told our coach, I was on the phone," said Nicolella. "He was in my office when Dr. Lombardi from the PIAA called to give us the ruling, and since I was talking to Dr. Lombardi all I did was give a thumbs up to Mike Bosnic and he immediately beamed and turned and left the room I'm sure to tell Quorteze and the rest of the players cause it was near the end of school."

The controversy surrounded senior Quorteze Levy.

After a routine review of his senior record preparing for college, it was discovered he repeated a ninth grade semester in Michigan and again in Washington when he transferred.

"And that in itself is a violation of PIAA bylaws. You get four years of eligibility after you leave the eighth grade," Tim O'Malley, of the WPIAL, said earlier this week.

The WPIAL granted Levy eligibility beginning this week, and the PIAA has now said his eligibility should also include the games earlier in the season.

So Washington High School does not have to forfeit the five games Levy played in.

They now qualify for the playoffs, and Friday night's game against Waynesburg has more meaning that it did earlier this week.

WPIAL: Washington H.S. To Forfeit 6 Games For Ineligible Player (10/22/13)
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