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Phil Keoghan, host of 'Tough As Nails,' visits Pittsburgh and meets with carpenters

Phil Keoghan, host of 'Tough As Nails,' visits Pittsburgh and meets with local carpenters
Phil Keoghan, host of 'Tough As Nails,' visits Pittsburgh and meets with local carpenters 02:58

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It was an "Amazing Race" around Pittsburgh on Friday for Phil Keoghan.

Keoghan hosts "The Amazing Race" on CBS, as well the blue-collar competition show "Tough As Nails."

Keoghan was in town on Friday promoting his shows and he even took some time to meet up with the local carpenters union at their Pittsburgh Training Facility.

"Pittsburgh is definitely known as a city where people have grit and they're tough. I mean, just look at the aesthetic of the city. Somebody is in those tunnels maintaining them. Somebody is up there repairing those bridges. Somebody build the infrastructure of this city, this steel town. And you just know that the people who are, who work out in all kinds of weather, you know they're tough."

So it's no wonder that Keoghan took time during his tour of the city on Friday to meet with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners at their local training facility.

Phil Keoghan comes by to find out if we're 'Tough As Nails' 05:22

These carpenters and apprentices are just a few of the hard-working men and women who help define Pittsburgh and our region. And they are the exact type of tradespeople you see competing each week on "Tough As Nails." 

"'Tough As Nails' is about recognizing the hard-working men and women of America who keep the country running," Keoghan said. "They're the ones that literally keep the lights on, make sure that there is food on the table, make sure that we can flush our toilets, make sure we can drive over bridges, make sure that the roads don't have too many potholes in them and that they keep the function of America running. Without them, everything would come to a grinding halt."

While this competition show does put a spotlight on the hard-working men and women of America, the word "tough" is in the title for a reason. In each episode, contestants are put through a grueling round of endurance, agility and mental toughness tests that can make even the strongest of competitors second guess themselves. Cash prizes are awarded throughout the season for group and individual competition, but only one person can take home a $200,000 cash prize and a Ford Super Duty truck.

But on Friday in Pittsburgh, it was less about competition and more about making friends and trying new things, and Keoghan didn't shy away either.

"What I love is to be able to immerse myself in other people's jobs and just to see another role, and these carpenter unions around the country are pretty awesome. You get a chance to really see why that training is so important," he said. 

"Tough As Nails" season 4 is on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.

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