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Pittsburghers Petition To 'Bring Back Heinz Ketchup To Kennywood'

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA) - A petition to fight back against the "blasphemy" that is Kennywood's decision to replace Heinz ketchup with Hunt's has been launched.

Will Koz, a user on Change.Org, started the petition. He hopes it will make Kennywood realize just how "unacceptable" their decision is and prompt them to bring back Heinz.

"In the past few months Kennywood Park has made the switch from our beloved Heinz Ketchup to the dreaded HUNTS!" Koz writes on the site.

"Kennywood tickets are already overpriced and now with Hunts ketchup invading the park this is the final straw. So help me sign this petition and bring back the tradition of Heinz Ketchup at our beloved Kennywood Park! Remember nothing taste like Heinz!"

The petition, with over 900 signatures, has nearly reached its goal of 1,000. It's unclear what will happen once the petition gains enough signatures.

Pittsburghers who have signed the petition are not only commenting on the inferiority of Hunts, but are also saying that yinzers need to stick together.

"Pittsburghers don't let Pittsburghers eat Hunts," wrote user Justin Chechuck.

"It's like the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, just territorial," said Joana Sloughy. "It's a burgh thing."

For some, the issue is bigger than just Western Pennsylvania, as user Ceil Hrivnak comments, "It is totally unpatriotic to not have Heinz Ketchup at Kennywood Park!!!"

And to top it all off, there's one user who doesn't mind being blunt. "Kennywood is being a jagoff," Clayton Cova says.

This change follows a controversy over Potato Patch's cheese sauce, which prompted Kennywood to quickly revert back to the traditional cheese.

During this tumultuous time, only one thing is certain: Pittsburghers hate Hunts almost as much as they hate change.

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