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Allegheny County Health Department And Pitt Teaming Up To Host COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The vaccine rollout is ramping up with a new clinic opening in Allegheny County.

Wednesday was another busy day of vaccine appointments. This time it was happening at the Petersen Events Center in Oakland and set up by Allegheny County.

The shuttle buses rolled up and dropped off people who made an appointment to get Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine.

Martin Henderson and his wife, Vivian, were among the many.

"Feel very good about it. We've been waiting around," said Henderson.

Waiting around is something so many people who came by Wednesday say they've experienced, but they say the waiting was well worth it in the name of safety.

"We struggled. We couldn't get through, then he got a tip and called 211 and went right through," said Linda Kesner.

"I had to wait 45 minutes on hold before they got to me, but I waited," said Gene Kesner.

Allegheny County said the clinic is for people 65 and older only. It's also appointment only and no walk-ins are allowed. The county said the goal is to give out around 1,000 shots a day.

"It went pretty well. Organized. Went in fast and very well," said Eileen Ofchinick.

Along with the clinic at the Petersen Events Center, Allegheny County plans to open two other vaccination sites.

  • Central Baptist Church - Hill District
  • Ross Township Community Center
Photo Credit: KDKA

The clinic in the Hill District will be open next Monday and the Ross Township Community Center site will open next Wednesday.

The vaccine clinic in the Hill District will target specific communities and people who have not yet been reached through traditional means.

Meantime, people say they are ready to live life again.

"Plan a vacation, hug the grandkids. That's the heartbreaker, you know," said Kesner.

Allegheny County is still hoping to have more vaccination appointments at the Petersen Events Center through the end of next week. It also depends on vaccine availability. The county encourages everyone to keep checking the county website and subscribe to Allegheny Alerts.

Those wanting to get a shot must make an appointment and be 65 or older.

Available appointments can be found on the Allegheny County Health Department's website at this link.

For those unable to log on to the website or prefer to make an appointment by phone, they can call 211.

Allegheny County Health Department is telling people to keep checking the county website for open appointments and to sign up for Allegheny Alerts.

More information on vaccination appointments can be found at this link.

Online pre-registration for vaccine clinic events is also available on UPMC's website.

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