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Thousands Of Supporters Turn Out To Hear President Donald Trump In Pittsburgh

(KDKA) -- Supporters of President Donald Trump turned out in Pittsburgh for the Shale Insight Conference.

The event was open to the public as the President spoke at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The supporters were very excited to hear the President speak.

A woman from Cranberry Township said it was a great opportunity to hear the President speak about energy jobs that President Trump said will benefit the area.

But not all people were supporting what President Trump was saying.

"He said a lot about energy," said Lorraine Ficher of Cranberry Township. "I mean all the pipelines they put in and how he is going to make it quicker to do this job, instead of waiting for permits to go through. He is hurrying it up."

"I was hoping to hear a little more of an embrace, not a victory speech about leaving the Paris Climate Agreement .. and I'm just like you don't get it. So I left," said Kimberly Lee from New York.

Penn Avenue at Tenth Street was filled with President Trump supporters and protestors.

There were peaceful protests all day, though 14 people were arrested early Wednesday morning.

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