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Study: Pennsylvania EMTs Are Some Of The Most Underpaid In The Country

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A new study says Pennsylvania's EMTs not only make a below-average salary, but they are some of the most underpaid in the country.

A study done by Frontpoint says emergency medical technicians make an average of $37,760.

For perspective, the study says athletic trainers and carpenters both make an annual salary of about $40,000 per year while some Instagram influencers make $60,000 a year.

And EMTs make on average of $18.15 an hour, while first time accountants are raking in between $24 and $29 an hour.

The study says the adjusted EMT salary for Pennsylvania is $34,709. An adjusted salary makes up for the fact that some places -- like the city -- are more expensive to live in than other places -- like the country.

Washington's EMTs have the highest salary in the country, making more than $63,500 a year. Washington is followed by Hawaii at nearly $46,000 then Alaska at more than $45,700.

To read more results of the study and how it was conducted, click here.

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