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Pennsylvania Resources Council Launches 2015 Anti-Litter Commercial Contest

According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Resources Council, litter's negative impact on the greater Pittsburgh environment – and individuals' lives – stretches in countless directions. The impact could simply be viewing visual blight on your daily commute, worrying about your dog cutting a paw on glass on your neighborhood streets, or dealing with the consequences of trash polluting our rivers and streams.

To continue the fight against litter, the Pennsylvania Resources Council is launching the second phase of its "Crying Steelers Fan" campaign to encourage amateur filmmakers to create Pittsburgh-centric anti-litter PSAs.

Two winning contest entries will air on KDKA-TV later in the year.

"Last fall, PRC launched a campaign to encourage residents to share anti-litter messages via 21st century technology such as social media and electronic communication," said PRC Regional Director Justin Stockdale. "Serving as the centerpiece of our campaign is the 'Crying Steelers Fan' video, which strives to forge a connection between the region's pride and litter prevention. We believe that the proud nature of Pittsburghers can support a clean and beautiful city."

"We're excited to introduce Phase 2 of the campaign by inviting all Pittsburghers to participate in PRC's anti-litter video contest to showcase how litter impacts their lives, their communities and their city," Stockdale said. "Two winners will be selected by notable Pittsburghers, and winners will see their videos aired on KDKA-TV, PRC's media partner for the 'Crying Steelers Fan' PSA."


Two categories for video submissions: the traditional commercial and the "short"

  1. TRADITIONAL commercial must be 30 seconds or less and must feature at least one specified litter element and one designated Pittsburgh landmark. Additionally, each video must feature either the litterbug badge or the #litterbug.
  2. SHORT commercial (or Vine) must be 6 to 10 seconds and must feature at least one specified litter item or one designated Pittsburgh landmark. Additionally, each video must feature either the litterbug badge or the #litterbug.
  3. Submission deadline is September 30, 2015. Submissions will be accepted as "Response Videos" to PRC's 90-second "Crying Steelers Fan" PSA, which can be found at or by linking @prc_litterbug to your Vine.
    Complete contest instructions are available at or by calling (412)-488-7490 ext. 105.
  4. Specified Litter Elements: Televisions, cigarette butts, tires, plastic bags or plastic water bottles.
  5. Designated Landmarks: Duquesne or Monongahela Incline, the Point, one of the three rivers, Pittsburgh skyline, Mt. Washington or any landmark clearly identifying the setting as Pittsburgh.
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