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Pennsylvania Turnpike has the most expensive toll per mile in the U.S., study says

Turnpike CEO says tolls are likely going to keep going up for next 30 years
Turnpike CEO says tolls are likely going to keep going up for next 30 years 02:34

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A new report shows Pennsylvania drivers are paying some of the highest tolls in the country, something the Pennsylvania Turnpike disputes. 

According to LendingTree, at $1.73, Pennsylvania has the second-highest average maximum fee on interstate toll roads. 

While that may seem high, it's nowhere near Virginia, which tops the list with an average maximum fee per mile of $3.27. According to the report, that's mostly because of the Express Lane tolls on Interstate 66, which use dynamic pricing and cost E-ZPass users an average of $4.75 a mile during rush hour.

LendingTree did note that Pennsylvania has the most expensive toll per mile in the U.S. on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. And the bridge connecting the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the New Jersey Turnpike has an average maximum fee of $8.20, which is the highest fee across interstate road tolls that LendingTree analyzed.

LendingTree also ranked fees on interstate bridges and tunnels, non-interstate toll roads and non-interstate bridges and tunnels. Pennsylvania ranked in the top 10 in those three categories as well. 

The Southern Beltway connector, which opened in 2022, was also mentioned in the report, ranking No. 9 on the list of the 10 highest maximum passenger vehicle fees per mile by non-interstate road toll facility. 

LendingTree said its researchers analyzed Federal Highway Administration toll data for its report. Only toll facilities with an available maximum passenger vehicle fee were evaluated. 

In a statement, the Pennsylvania Turnpike said LendingTree's survey wasn't an accurate representation of tolls: 

"While we understand companies wanting to use data to inform their customer base, this survey isn't an accurate representation of tolls, nor does it follow industry metrics. Despite being the second largest in the U.S. with the most miles, the PA Turnpike has tolls that are 20% below average and are in the mid-range for U.S. tolling entities. We also offer 24-7 roadside assistance, a dedicated maintenance force, 17 service plazas for safety and convenience, and a dedicated State Police Troop."

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