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Pennsylvania's First Medical Marijuana Education Center Opens In Pittsburgh

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STRIP DISTRICT (KDKA) -- Earlier this year, it became possible to buy medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

But since that time, there have been questions about what works for what condition and how to use it. Questions that existed until now.

The new Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Education Center is the first of its kind in the state. Trent Hartley, the founder of the center, says there is something there for everyone.

"Public, patients, doctors... There's obviously a stigma with this plant and has been for a long time, but we're really just starting to educate ourselves more and more about the plant," he said.

The new education center on Penn Avenue in the Strip District offers a history of marijuana. A history Hartley says goes back further than most realize.

"It's an abbreviated history of cannabis. But what we're trying to show is it's been part of society for thousands of years," he said.

pennsylvania medical marijuana education center
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One of the largest libraries of resource materials about medical marijuana is housed at the center, along with displays of various products and information on which products might fit your needs.

"You've also got delivery methods that we'll teach. You can vaporize flower. You can vaporize oil. There's also topicals. There's capsules," Hartley said.

Products at the center are display only - not for sale. If you have one of the 21 pre-approved medical conditions that qualify for a marijuana card, the education center can walk you through the application process required to get a card. Hartley stresses the center really is one stop "learning."

"We have a station set up in here where we will actually help you register with the Department of Health, and we'll even go into the system. There's about 1,000 doctors signed up for the program already. We can actually get an appointment with that doctor for you," Hartley said.

The center also plans to offer workshops and seminars on cannabis and its use, and all of the information is available free of charge. The center opens to the public on Friday.

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