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Pennsylvania man wins over $350,000 at Rivers Casino when four aces were beat by royal flush, triggering the 'Bad Beat Jackpot'

'Bad Beat Jackpot' at Rivers Casino hits for $905,622
'Bad Beat Jackpot' at Rivers Casino hits for $905,622 00:33

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A poker player at the Rivers Casino suffered a bad beat on Tuesday night when his four aces lost to a royal flush -- making everyone at the table a winner when the 'Bad Beat Jackpot' was triggered.

The 'Bad Beat Jackpot' was triggered when Scott Thompson of Washington, Pa. had four aces that were beat by Brent Enos of Jefferson Hills' royal flush. 

At the Rivers Casino, when a hand of four of a kind, tens or higher, are beat by an even higher hand, the jackpot is triggered, making everyone at the table a winner. The player who suffered the bad beat takes home 40% of the jackpot, the player with the winning hand takes 30%, and everyone else at the table split the rest equally. 

When the jackpot was hit on Tuesday, it was worth $905,622.13.

Thompson's losing hand of four aces earned him the 40% total of over $362,000 while Enos took home over $271,000. 

Five of the Texas Hold'em poker players from Rivers Casino Pittsburgh on Nov. 28 who will share a $905,622.13 jackpot. Front row (left to right): Brent Enos, Evelyn Gussenhoffen (dealer) and Scott Thompson. Back row (left to right): Frederick Humelsine, Kevin Graham and Daniel Stefancin. Rivers Casino

Everyone else at the table took home just over $45,000. 

This isn't the first time a 'Bad Beat Jackpot' has made people at the Rivers Casino big winners.

Last year, a jackpot of $1.2 million was triggered when four aces were also beat by a royal flush, making a West Virginia man nearly $500,000 richer. 

"We are unexpectedly and happily becoming a national bad beat jackpot hotspot," said Bud Green, general manager at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh. "Congratulations to our winning guests and to our Rivers Pittsburgh Poker Room Team Members for doing a terrific job."

The 'Bad Beat Jackpot' progressive was reset following the big win at the table on Tuesday night and has already started climbing again. 

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