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Pennsylvania leaders issue statements condemning Hamas attack in Israel

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Israel's national rescue service says at least 200 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in a Hamas military incursion on Saturday morning.

Thousands of rockets were fired as Hamas fighters infiltrated Israel's border in several locations, catching the country off-guard on a major holiday, according to CBS News.

Several American leaders have since issued statements condemning the attacks, showing support for Israel, including politicians from around Pennsylvania.

Gov. Josh Shapiro took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to issue the following statement:

I condemn the horrific acts of war in Israel by Hamas and their enablers. These attacks on innocent Israeli civilians are abhorrent and warrant world condemnation and outrage. Our family has shared many special moments in Israel and our hearts break for those living this horror now. We stand in solidarity against terror and are praying for all people in Israel.

Sen. John Fetterman released a statement that read, "I forcefully condemn these cowardly, horrifying, unprovoked attacks on Israel by Hamas. Attacking innocent civilians is particularly despicable and reflects the craven behavior of this terrorist group. I unequivocally stand with the people of Israel now, and always."

Sen. Bob Casey said, "Hamas has launched a coordinated terrorist attack against Israel, starting with thousands of rockets fired upon innocent Israelis and continued violence throughout the day. The United States must stand with Israel and its right to self defense."

Many Pennsylvania state representatives also took time to denounce the deadly attacks.

"Israel is under attack by Hamas terrorists. America unequivocally stands with the people of Israel," Rep. Guy Reschenthaler wrote on X.

"I strongly condemn Hamas's violent attack against Israel. I mourn the innocent lives lost and the suffering so many are experiencing. The United States stands with Israel and will continue to support its right to defend itself, while working toward peace in the region," Congressman Chris Deluzio added.

Rep. John Joyce of Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district said the following: "The heinous Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, especially on its civilians, must be condemned. The United States will always stand with the State of Israel and the Israeli people. Please join me in praying for all of the Israeli citizens who are in harm's way."

Congresswoman Summer Lee issued a statement Saturday evening, saying in part, "I am heartbroken by the unfolding events in Israel and Palestine. Over 200 Israeli civilians and over 230 Palestinian civilians have been killed so far while over 3000 have been injured. I strongly condemn Hamas' horrifying attack on children and innocent civilians."

Additionally, the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh released the following statement:

"On a day that is both one of the holiest days of the year and Shabbat, our friends and family in Israel are under attack. Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization, reportedly fired over 2,500 rockets at cities throughout Israel and infiltrated Israeli communities, indiscriminately killing civilians and soldiers alike and reportedly taking Israelis hostage. The devastation and growing number of casualties make this the worst organized terror attack on Israel since the Yom Kippur War.

"On behalf of the entire Pittsburgh Jewish community, we at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh unequivocally condemn this terrorist attack. As a community all too familiar with terrorism, our hearts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones, those who were the victims of terrorism, and the nearly ten million people facing unprovoked, violent attacks by sea, air, and land.

"We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and express our unwavering support for their right to defend themselves against these heinous attacks. We call on all people in the international community to condemn the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians and Hamas's use of human shields. As always, we stand ready to support civilian victims through an Emergency Campaign.

"We pray for peace, a swift end to this unprovoked attack and a full restoration of security in the State of Israel. May the people of Israel find strength and comfort during this difficult time. Am Yisrael Chai."

Carole Zawatsky, CEO of the Tree of Life wrote on Saturday, "When our sisters and brothers are under attack we weep as one. Hate in all its forms - whether here in the U.S. or Israel - must be uprooted. We stand with the people of Israel and pray for peace."

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