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U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Calls Attack In Kabul 'Devastating,' While Congressman Guy Reschenthaler Demands 'Retaliatory Airstrikes'

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The attacks at Kabul's airport are bringing strong reactions from local elected officials.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey called the attack that killed 13 U.S. troops and dozens of Afghans "devastating," a frequent remark in the wake of the terrorist attack Thursday.

From the beginning, elected officials, starting with President Joe Biden, warned that the mission of removing Americans and their allies from Afghanistan was fraught with danger.

Casey emphasized the importance of completing the mission to bring Americans home safely, while Congressman Guy Reschenthaler urged punitive actions and more troops on the ground.

"This is a devastating attack on Afghans and Americans," Casey said. "American troops are carrying out their mission despite numerous threats and challenges and we owe it to them to do everything we can to bring them home safely. We cannot tolerate terrorist threats to the United States emanating from Afghanistan."

"There should be swift and retaliatory airstrikes immediately," Rep. Reschenthaler said. "We need boots on the ground, at least to a limited extent, retaking the Bagram Air Base. Every terrorist needs to know that if they spill the blood of Americans, their blood will be flowing next."

"It's time to reassert our military dominance in that area," he added. "That's the only way we're going to prevent future attacks, and it's certainly the only way we're going to save the 1,500 Americans that are still trapped behind enemy lines."

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey said the "heinous" attack is "as heartbreaking as it is infuriating. My prayers are with our troops, our fellow citizens, and innocent Afghans on the ground."

Congressman Conor Lamb released a statement on Twitter saying he is mourning the loss of life.

"There are a lot of questions that need to be answered about how this operation has unfolded and what lies ahead. But right now we all must be laser-focused on doing whatever it takes to get all of our people to safety," he tweeted.

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