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PennDOT Deploying Photo Speed Enforcement Across The Commonwealth

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Thousands of drivers are seeing the signs and paying attention.

The electronic signs controlled by PennDOT are all sending out a common message, "Photo Enforcement Begins Monday."

PennDOT District 11 Assistant Executive for Construction Jason Zang says that message is coming out of Harrisburg, "That's statewide…. it won't start on Monday here."

In fact Zang says there is no timetable for deployment in western Pennsylvania.

Designed to protect highway and construction workers when they do appear the Photo Enforcement will only take place in active work zones.

"Anytime, anywhere we've got traffic restricted and people in harms way we're going to plan to use it."

Both PennDOT and the Turnpike are interested in using photo enforcement in the construction zone on I-79 south of Bridgeville.

Tim Murphy of Auburndale, Florida came through there this afternoon, "There's nobody doing 45 mph, they're doing 55, 60, 65."

Zang has seen it too, "That's probably one of the first places we will use it and the I-579 cap is up there too since its already an active project."

The locations will vary week to week and be listed on PennDOT's website in advance.

When the Photo Enforcement is happening there will be warning signs in advance. Zang says, "You will see two signs if you are paying attention."

Zang says the enforcement is automated in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee, "So it's not only cameras its radar, lidar, checks speed two ways and compares them, checks itself, also takes pictures of the front and back and can do multiple vehicles at the same time."

The citation will arrive in the mail a couple weeks later.

The first offense is a warning, a second offense will cost you $75, and third offense and beyond will cost $150 each time.

Pete Damico also drove the 79 construction zone today and says, "I think it's a good idea, they're trying to protect workers and it's a way to back people down including myself."

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