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PennDOT Adding Smart Traffic Signals To More Western Pa. Roadways

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Using cameras, computers, radar and laser sensors, Adaptive Traffic Systems (ATS) have become major time savers.

On Route 22 in Murrysville, "It's reduced commutes for people over 50 percent in the morning and afternoon rush periods," says PennDOT District 11 Traffic Engineer Todd Kravits.

Systems on the lower end of McKnight Road and on the Wexford Flats have also been successful in reducing commute times as the computers see and sense the traffic and make adjustments as needed.

"It's going to service the largest volume of traffic to help move the largest number of people through the intersection at any given time," says Kravits.

This year, the two systems on McKnight will be connected from Perrymont to the Flats.

This year also brings the completion of the system around the intersection of Rt. 50 and I-79 in Bridgeville.

KDKA's John Shumway Reports:

Just announced, PennDOT is launching three new ATS in the region on some of the most heavily traveled roads.

Route 60, aka Steubenville Pike, will get the smallest, but critically needed, system of the year. It will involve installing the adaptive equipment on the light at the I-79 exit ramp, and at the light at Lorish Road by the GetGo.

Kravits says, "Those two lights are so closed together and create a bottleneck. We hope by using the adaptive system, we can smooth out the bottlenecks and have a smoother flow for commuters on Route 60."

Route 30, aka Ardmore Boulevard, will see the eight lights from the Parkway East to Avenue B tied together to create a cohesive system.

"We'd like to see that progression going towards the Parkway in the morning, and in the afternoon, the reverse taking place - the progression from the Parkway back down through Forest Hills," he said.

Route 8, aka William Flinn Highway, will be the biggest ATS installed this year.

Kravits says it will involve "24 traffic signals from Kittanning Street all the way up to Dickey Road in Richland Township. The good news for drivers is most of the work will be during off peak hours."

He says the work will be off to the sides of the road and not impact drivers.

All of these projects are on a timetable that will have you experiencing results, "I'm thinking sometime late November, early December," said Kravits.

While these installations are underway, PennDOT will be continuing the planning for the next ATS installations. Both Route 51 from the Liberty Tubes to the Mon Fayette Expressway, and Route 19 down the spine of the South Hills should be up and operating in a couple of years.

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