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Penn Twp. Mom Accused Of Making Young Children Inject Her With Heroin

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PENN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Penn Township Police say two small children have experienced more in their young lives than they ever should have.

Investigators say their mother had them inject her with illegal drugs.

"This is a situation where your heart just bleeds," Penn Township Police Chief John Otto said. "It really makes you go home and hug your kids when you get there."

KDKA's Brenda Waters Reports:

Police say 25-year-old Leanne Abbott did the unthinkable with her children nearly two years ago in an Irwin housing plan. She no longer lives there.

"[She] had her children, ages 5 and 7, inject heroin into her body," Otto said. "The statements that these young men made were very descriptive. They were very detailed. They were statements that, in our opinion, 5-year-old and 7-year-old boys would not be able to produce unless, in fact, the statements were true."

The boys, who were already in foster care due to previous police cases involving Abbott, were overheard talking about putting a needle in their mother's arm several times.

"Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we have dealt with this particular individual and events that have taken place in this individual's home, so those children are no longer in her custody, but they're with foster parents," said Chief Otto.

The kids talked about how their mother instructed them to push the needle in until the blood came up. They called it "bad stuff."

"For young children to describe what they did as detailed and, to be quite honest, as accurately as they had to just makes you really wonder how it is that we got to this new high and lows," Otto said.

Penn Township Police say so far, she is still unaccounted for, but there is an arrest warrant out for Abbott.

Police say the children remain in foster care and are getting the love and treatment they need.

In the meantime, Abbott faces several charges, including endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors.

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