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Penn Hills Couple Responds To Gay Slurs By Painting House In Rainbow Colors

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PENN HILLS (KDKA) - A couple in Penn Hills painted part of their house with the colors of the gay pride flag after they claim their neighbors made gay slurs.

Sharon Lau and her wife moved into their Penn Hills home and were met with neighbors that made a disparaging comment.

Penn Hills Gay Pride Flag Home
Photo Credit: (KDKA)

"We decided to say that we were mother and daughter because if that comment was made... boom," said Lau.

The couple's neighbors were not tolerant to their relationship when the truth finally came out, sparking arguments back and forth until things got ugly.

"The arguing going back and forth and then the gay slurs start coming out," said Lau.

The man that lives in the house next to them retaliates with code enforcement while the woman uses her words to offend the couple.

A side fence mixed into the situation just heightened the tension between the feuding neighbors. But the couple in Penn Hills did not stop with a fence, instead, they decided to paint their home the color of the gay pride flag.

"They told us that we can paint our house, our fence any color we want," said Lau. "So that made it come to the point so we don't even have the fence up yet, we're going to paint the side of the house."

The couple does have plans to paint the front of the house but is not sure if the whole home will receive a fresh coat of paint.

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