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Your peeling license plate could cost you a $100 fine

Your fading license plate could cost you a $100 fine
Your fading license plate could cost you a $100 fine 02:00

PLEASANT HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) — PennDOT says thousands of state-issued license plates are peeling. 

At a drive-in clinic at the AAA Pleasant Hills facility on Tuesday, cars, trucks and SUVs lined up to fix their peeling license plates. 

Bill Axmaker was one of the dozens of drivers who pulled in to get a fix. 

"We figured we'd better take care of it before it gets too bad and we get in trouble," he said.

And that trouble isn't cheap.

"You can be fined $100," said Terri Rae Anthony, AAA safety advisor. "A lot of police give warnings but they can fine you."

Why is this happening?

"It's weather and different things that can contribute to the deterioration of a license plate," Anthony said.

PennDOT is looking into why the plate laminate is peeling on so many plates. Motorists said the process is simple thanks to the help of law enforcement. 

"It is so quick, efficient, and easy," said Eileen Felser.

The state will replace the plate for free, but keep one thing in mind.

"If you have an E-ZPass or parking pass, when you get the new license plate it will be a different number so you'll have to update that information," Anthony said.

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