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Peduto To Bring Change To Mayor's Office

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Every mayor of Pittsburgh brings a different style and personality to the job -- the grandmotherly Sophie Masloff, the technical skills of Tom Murphy, the people-loving Bob O'Connor, and the youthful Luke Ravenstahl -- quick impressions come to mind.

So what about Bill Peduto?

"I'll be the first person elected to the mayor's office, or I am now the first person elected to the mayor's office who wasn't born in the city in over a hundred years," Peduto told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

A suburbanite by birth and raised in Scott township, Peduto is a city resident by choice.

With over 19 years of experience working on City Council -- unlike Ravenstahl who battled council -- Peduto wants to follow the late Mayor O'Connor's example.

"There wasn't a week that went by that I didn't get a personal phone call or personal visit with him, and I intend to follow that with every one of the members of City Council," Peduto said.

Without mentioning Ravenstahl by name, Peduto -- a workaholic -- said visibility in City Hall every day is important.

"It's very true that once you have communication and once you are constantly there, it's very hard to make enemies. Once you disappear, it's very easy."

Peduto believes that he will be compared to Ravenstahl early in his term.

"I think for the first year, I will be. And then after that I hope I'm standing on my own two feet and people are judging me on my own behavior and my own actions," Peduto says.

Those who know Peduto well know that he's an idea-man, unafraid to try something new.

Delano: "You're willing to take chances?"

Peduto: "Very much so. Very much so, and I enjoy it, too."

"So I want to be surrounded by people that make those chances, limit the odds of failure to make those minimal, but at the same time want people around me who aren't afraid to fail," Peduto says.

Unique words for a politician and the City's 59th mayor -- and a sign of changes ahead.

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