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Parking Authority Approves Installation Of High-Tech Meters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Pittsburgh Parking Authority's Board of Directors approved the purchase of 500 multi-space meters Thursday.

The meters will occupy approximately 3,500 on-street parking spaces downtown and throughout Oakland and the Southside commercial districts. All existing single space meters in these locations will be removed.

"We expect the new meters to be delivered by early June, installation to be completed during July and removal of the one-meter-per-space units by Sept. 1," authority executive director David Onorato said in a statement.

The new meters will accept both coins and credit cards as payment. Drivers will be required to enter the combination of numbers and letters contained on their license plates on the meter's keypad before recording the length of time parked in that respective parking spot.

One meter will be able to occupy as many as 20 parking spaces.

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