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OnPar Now: Local Entrepreneur Opens Indoor Facility Aimed At Teaching Women How To Golf

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A local businesswoman has opened a new facility in the Strip District with a special focus on teaching women to play golf.

Jan Receski says women need to play golf in order to engage in the same kinds of business deals that men have been known to make on the links.

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf, and most of them are men. Only 20 percent of golfers, however, are women.

Receski, the founder and CEO of OnPar Now, says she's developed a non-intimidating environment for women -- and men, too -- to learn how to play and practice playing golf in an indoor environment.

"We have four simulators, which are state of the art," Receski told Delano. "You hit a real ball with a real club into the impact screen. It gives you amazing feedback."

But, there's more.

"I also have an $86,000 putting green, a virtual putting green, that you can just touch the iPad and set whatever lie you want, so that's excellent practice," she said. "We also have a pretty large sand bunker, which is pretty much unheard of to have a sand trap inside."

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