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'An Uncontrollable Danger:' Pennsylvania Municipal League Calling On Legislature To Change Fireworks Laws

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - They're being called an "uncontrollable danger" and the Pennsylvania Municipal League says they want something done about fireworks in the commonwealth.

Since the fireworks were legalized for sale and use in Pennsylvania, municipalities say there have been a lot of issues with illegal use in populated areas.

The chief of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, Dr. Darryl Jones says there have been fires, damage, and the state law allowing the sale of fireworks has put handcuffs on safety enforcement.

"It limited what our capabilities were more restricted from enforcing even our local ordinances," he said. "So they were pretty much free willing, and we didn't have any major disasters but that was just by luck."

Chief Jones said he supports the municipal league's call on the legislature to change the 2017 law.

They also want to allow local municipalities to pass and enforce their own ordinances.

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