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Pa. Democrat Bares All To Get Votes For Donald Trump

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pennsylvania Democrat is shedding her clothes and baring all to show support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Chelsy Zelasko, 25, of Shavertown, is featured nearly naked on Better Than The Weekend, an entertainment website from Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Zelasko says so many people are afraid to vote or express who they're voting for because people "instantly jump down your throat about it."

She's hoping the pictures prompt people to more openly support their candidate and vote.

Justin Adam Brown, Editor of Better than the Weekend, tells KDKA the photos were featured as part of the websites Dreams, Exposed series.

"It's an initiative to inspire millennials to literally expose themselves for who they are and what they want out out life. Too often, people are discouraged from expressing or chasing their dreams because they're afraid of being ridiculed by others," Brown said.

The photos have been seen by over 100,000 people in one day.

Photo Credit: Better Than The Weekend

"Being this is an election cycle with a lot at stake, we wanted to find someone who would express their dreams for the future of America and explain how their candidate could help their dreams come true," Brown said.

Zelasko used guns and strategically placed American flags to keep from appearing fully nude in the photos.

"We hope the takeaway will be that people will feel inspired to say who they're voting for and what kind of future they want for their country without the fear of being ridiculed," Brown said.

Zelasko says she prefers Trump to Hillary Clinton because of "his views on policy and health care and his overall demeanor."

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