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'You Can't Figure Out Who Is Sick And Who Is Not Sick'; Pa. Mask Guidelines To Take Effect Sunday Evening

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Starting at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening, new guidelines for employees and customers in Pennsylvania to have their face covered goes into effect.

At that point, you will probably need to travel with a bandana or mask to go out.

Employers must provide masks to their employees.

State agencies will be watching and stores will be enforcing the new order at the entrances to their buildings.

If you are turned away from a grocery store, pharmacy, or other essential business, they must offer an alternative pickup.

This is also calling on stores to restrict the number of people inside.

They are now to have no more than 50 percent of their occupancy limit.

And if they have multiple checkouts, they should close every other line and switch every hour for cleaning purposes.

"You can't figure out who is sick and who is not sick. Just because somebody doesn't have a mask on doesn't mean they don't have the virus," said Kilah Smith of Pittsburgh.

"This is no joke this some powerful stuff here, it's killing a lot of people," said Michelle Paulin of Ingram.

"It's a little scary cause you know I have an eight year old daughter at home and she's asthmatic so we've got to watch what we do," said Ben Damits of Crafton.

The rules haven't changed for you if you are outside in your yard, your car, or exercising.

A mask or covering is not needed for those areas -- but you are asked to wear one if you take a walk or go to a crowded park.

And of course you are asked to maintain social distancing.

These new guidelines go into effect at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

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