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Owner Of Sam's Auto Repair Plans To Rebuild After Fire

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PULASKI TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- When the fire broke out Saturday night at Sam's Auto Repair, owner Sam Botinovch was in his office trying to use a fire extinguisher, when it became clear it wasn't working he knew it was time to get out.

"I called 9-1-1," he said. "I crawled out the window, the 9-1-1 guy says 'what's the nature of the call' and I said you need to send firetrucks, you're going to have a three or four-alarm fire."

When the fire was eventually extinguished, everything inside including three cars were destroyed.

"The vehicles inside, obviously the entire structure and any equipment he had [was destroyed]," said Pulaski Township Fire Department Chief Alan Hickey. "He's been a staple up here for thirty-plus years."

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Along with the damage done to the shop, the flames also caused damage to the siding of the Botinovch household.

"The people around here were awesome," Sam said. "All my neighbors were awesome. I've been getting calls from businesses [offering] floor space, a truck to use."

Botinovch says he plans to rebuild, but his wife Jodi says this isn't the first time he's getting a second chance.

"He was in an auto accident in December and almost died," she said.

Despite all of this, the faith among Sam and Jodi has not wavered.

"The good lord treated me good enough to get out and rebuild again," Sam said. "That's what you got to do to believe in something."

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