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Fired From 'The Apprentice' Twice, Omarosa Is Hired For The White House

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Featured on Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice," Omarosa Manigault was once listed in TV Guide as one of the nastiest TV villains.

"I didn't come here to make friends," she said on one show. "I said that from day one, and if you wouldn't be so freaking sensitive..."

Omarosa was fired not once, but twice, by Trump.

"Omarosa, you not only lost. You got creamed," Trump told her in one episode. "You know I've always been an Omarosa fan, but, Omarosa, you're fired!"

Those words evoked these words from her arch rival, Piers Morgan:

"I doubt we will ever hear from Omarosa again. I think her 15 minutes have just ended," said Morgan at the time.

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Not so fast.

Omarosa is back, and this time at the White House.

KDKA political editor Jon Delano went to the White House to meet with senior officials, including Omarosa.

Delano: "Have you forgiven him for saying, 'You're fired?'"

Omarosa: "Let me tell you something. Losing is winning for me."

It sure is.

The Youngstown, Ohio, native is now at the White House in the Office of Public Liaison.

"It's been an interesting journey. Because of this president who gave me a chance back in 2003, choosing me out of 250,000 candidates to be a part of his very successful franchise, and now selecting me to serve this country, it's a great honor."

And she's deadly earnest about her new role.

Delano: "What exactly do you do?"

Omarosa: "I get that question often, but my responsibility is truly to be the liaison between the White House and communities that want to work with this administration, who have policies, who have programs, who want to be part of the change that we want to see in this country and so they knock on my door."

"I'm here to answer and to serve," she says.

Omarosa admits her Youngstown family is divided over one thing.

"Half of my family are big Cleveland Browns supporters. The other half -- Pittsburgh Steelers."

As for her?

"I have to admit that I'm a life-long Cleveland Browns fan."

Which proves that she does a better job picking presidential winners than football teams!

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