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Officer Charged In Road Rage Incidents Released On House Arrest

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A suspended Allegheny County police officer, charged in several road rage incidents, is now out of jail but he's not exactly a free man.

A stoic and silent Andrew Marculaitis, who is out of jail for the first time in nearly a week, was walked to his car by defense attorney Phil DiLucente.

Marculaitis was released with an ankle monitor and severe restrictions on what he's allowed to do.

"There's several conditions, and one, he has to immediately get home. So, he's immediately going to get home on house arrest," said DiLucente. "Secondly, he's going to see a psychiatrist. Thirdly, he's going to change his medications pursuant to a doctor."

Marculaitis is facing 20 charges involving three recent road rage incidents.

One happened in Brentwood. Police say the 21-year Allegheny County police veteran while on a motorcycle flashed his badge, threatened people and used racial slurs.

Police say there were two more incidents within a few days of each other.

His attorney says he is convinced that much of Marculaitis' trouble is related to medications for depression. His attorney says he's supported by county Dr. Christine Martone.

"Dr. Martone has stated that particularly with one medication that it may have been overly medicated," said DiLucente. "So, essentially, his system was toxic."

Marculaitis, who was met at the jail by his wife, had no comment regarding his arrest or his medical condition.

Allegheny County Police Officer Arrested For 3 Road Rage Incidents (6/7/13)
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