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Officer Accused Of Taking Down Drunk Man With Taser On South Side

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- People are talking Sunday about a video posted online.

It shows a police officer armed with a Taser take down a man, but exactly how is up for debate.

The incident happened Saturday at South Side Works.

The man who shot the video told KDKA the officer used his Taser on the man for no reason, but the officer in the video says that's not true.

  • WATCH: Officer takes down man on South Side:

In the video, a crowd gathers to watch the commotion. The officer can be heard yelling, "mind your own fricking business."

Officer Frank Rende talked to KDKA investigator Marty Griffin Sunday.

Rende says he did not engage his Taser, but rather, pushed the man to the ground by his shoulder.

To prove it, he says he'll have his Taser tested Monday.

Rende says he arrested the man for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

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