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Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes To Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement arrived in Pittsburgh Saturday as a crowd estimated around 2,000 people marched, rallied and protested against corporate greed and social inequality.

It was a peaceful crowd of union members, college students and parents with kids. It was just one of hundreds of similar protests that were held this weekend in cities around the world.

The protesters rallied at Freedom Corner in the Hill District, chanting and holding signs with messages for the wealthy and Wall Street. Occupy Pittsburgh and its supporters spoke out on what they perceive as the nation's most troubling issues.

"A sixth of our nation is in poverty, while the rich get richer the poor are getting poorer," said Sarah Crotty, one of the demonstrators.

Others worried about college graduates who can't repay loans because they can't find jobs.

"We give them worthless business degrees and then saddle them with thousands of dollars of debt," said Will Flynn, a former student.

The Occupy Pittsburgh march worked its way toward downtown with more chants taking aim at big business: "We don't need corporate greed, we don't need corporate greed."

"The one percent of the rich of this country and corporate America need to pay their fair share as well so that we can have livable communities and good schools again, so we can put people back to work," said Sam Williamson, another demonstrator.

As the marchers arrived in the downtown business district they stopped at the BNY Mellon Center, they paused briefly at the U.S. Steel building and later marched past the PNC Bank center. It all happened under the watchful eyes of police.

Eventually, the march made its way to Market Square.

"We're all in this together," said Neal Bisno, of SEIU Healthcare Pa. "We're standing up to corporate greed; we're standing up for economic justice."

The two-mile march ended at Market Square. March organizers are proud of the fact that the event was nonviolent. They say this is only the beginning as they don't plan to go away anytime soon and they add that they will continue to press the issues.

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