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Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Stage Final Rally

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The end is here for one of the last remaining sites for the Occupy movement in the United States.

After months in a downtown park, protestors are facing an eviction deadline today.

The protestors have been staying in Mellon Park since Oct. 15, but now the courts have said it's time to leave.

At 11:56 a.m. Monday, the Occupy Pittsburgh movement was supposed to officially leave the space in Downtown Pittsburgh.

However, protestors scheduled one final rally in the park at that time. Several people spoke and led the group in various songs.

According to KDKA-TV's Lynne Hayes-Freeland, many of the protestors consider this to be a victory and do not feel defeated.

One of their main goals was to have their message heard. Now, they are looking at other avenues to get their message across.

One such method is a new Occupy Pittsburgh newsletter.

Protestors began clearing out of the park over the weekend by taking down their mess hall and medical tents.

Other people began building a symbolic Trojan horse, which they will leave on the property when they vacate the park.

Some of the protestors have said they will move on to other cities to try and start Occupy camps.

For the most part, the group plans on leaving the property peacefully. However, some have said they will engage in civil disobedience.

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