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Oakland Road Rage Incident Involving Motorist, Bicyclist Caught On Video

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OAKLAND (KDKA) -- Pittsburgh Police are investigating a road rage incident between a motorist and a cyclist in Oakland.

Somebody called 911 Thursday around 6:30 p.m., and Pittsburgh Police responded to investigate. When they got there, everybody had left the scene.

YouTube video shows a violent road rage incident erupted in the middle of the street.

The video taken by another driver shows and altercation between the driver of a red SUV and a cyclist.

"That's crazy wow, oh my gosh," said cyclist Joe Rogers. "I'm glad there was someone there to report that. That should not be happening in Oakland or anywhere."

"He's out ready to punch and the bicyclist has a bike chain or some tool," said John Holman, as KDKA showed him the video.

At one point, the driver picks up the bicycle and throws it at the cyclist.

"Pittsburgers are really, really nice people, more so than in New York, but they get angry with bicycles," said Holman.

Holman moved from New York City to Braddock and bikes downtown to work every day.

"I understand it because when I drive, the roads are kind of narrow. There are places where I won't ride a bike partly because I'm scared. I know creates a problem," said Holman.

What started the fight in the street was not recorded. It's unclear who was the initial aggressor.

"The driver certainly deserves those charges, after what we have seen in the video," said Scott Bricker, who is the Executive Director of Bike Pittsburgh.

For 16 years, Bike Pittsburgh has been advocating for cyclist safety.

"The City is actively planning for protected bike lanes on fifth Avenue, as part of the bus rapid transit project. So we're really excited about that and we're seen firsthand why that's important," said Bricker.

Bike Pittsburgh is actively trying to reach out to the cyclist.

If you have any information, call Pittsburgh Police at (412) 422-6520.

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