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Many Worried After Computer Glitches Interrupt NYSE, Travel, News

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- First, United Airlines, then the New York Stock Exchange, and then the Wall Street Journal; travel, money and news were all interrupted Wednesday by computer glitches.

It was a very odd scenario when one major agency went down after another, but so far, the three incidents don't seem to be connected.

The so-called glitches sent an already shaky market into a tailspin, and they had to closed for hours after there was a ghost in the machine.

It was breaking news. Trading was halted on the New York Stock Exchange following a computer glitch. The Dow already plunged 200 points following bad economic news around the world.

"People were worried and were worried before because there were a lot of headlines out there about Greece, about China, and that's really what set off the markets early this morning, was China," said Rick Applegate, of Cantor Fitzgerald.

For Applegate, it's been a long day.

"It started around 11:30 this morning, and last for over three hours. Finally, it was resolved at 3:11, but that time period was crazy," he said.

Especially when you consider computer glitches halted air traffic for United Airlines, and it shut down the Wall Street Journal's website.

The White House claims it's not a cyber-attack.

Even so, it stirred a panic.

"There's a ghost in the machine. I mean there's something that's going on that needs to be explored and found out about. And when well find out about really what happened is anybody's guess," said Applegate.

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