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High School's Student-Led Club Stirs Controversy With Pro-Life Cupcakes

IRWIN (KDKA) -- A student-led, pro-life club is stirring controversy with the baked goods they handed out at Norwin High School in Westmoreland County.

The cupcakes came with green icing and sprinkles, as well as a note that read: "Each cupcake is for a child who does not get to celebrate a birthday because of abortion."

It also had the Twitter handle "@KnightsForLife," printed on it.

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According to a statement from Norwin High School Superintendent Dr. Jeff Taylor, the club asked for and was given permission by the high school's principal to distribute the cupcakes and attached flyers on Wednesday, which was National Pro-Life Cupcake Day.

The superintendent says the student organization Knights for Life is a charter of the larger Students for Life of America Club.

The superintendent's statement reads in part: "The 20 members of the club are passionate about the club and its mission and are respectful in their participation and distribution of materials."

The ACLU says a pro-life group has the right to hand out cupcakes and make an anti-abortion statement.

However, now that the school has allowed them to, the ACLU says all school groups have a right now to promote their message, whether it's political or not.

"The school is going to allow this club to put this out not just the cupcakes, but what is a political message, and distribute that in the school. The law is very clear that every other student group in the school has the same rights," said Vic Walczak of the ACLU.

One student said the school forbids gay and lesbian students from having an LGBTQ club. They must call it the diversity club.

"Apparently, there is some form of LGBT club that was not allowed to call itself what they wanted. That is a violation," Walczak said.

The school denies preventing an LGBTQ club, saying it's always been the diversity club.

The ACLU said all clubs have the right to distribute a political message to all the students.

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