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Drivers Angered After Receiving Pricey Tickets In Apparent Parking Lane

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NORTH SHORE (KDKA) -- Confusing signs and rules led to many angry people on the North Shore on Sunday.

After an enjoyable day out, they got an expensive surprise.

Along a stretch of West General Robinson Street, parkers returned to their vehicles to find out they now owe the city $111.

"My wife and my baby, we're out here, taking in a nice Pittsburgh day and we get back to the car and we have a $111 ticket, even though there's a whole row of people parked here and it says parking lane right there," Rob Dawson, of Sewickley, said.

parking lane
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

That's where the problem came in.

The lighted overhead sign says "parking lane," but the posted signs on the street say "No parking, no stopping," leaving drivers confused.

"It says 'parking lane.' If it's not a parking lane, it shouldn't have 'parking lane' on it," Lauren Bouchard said.

"It actually says on this ticket it's illegal parking, but it says 'parking lane,'" one ticketed driver said.

Amy Wadas' Report:

The city's Public Safety Department said the parking lane lights are normally on a timer. If they're on, parking should be allowed.

That means most of the ticketed parkers are going to end up in traffic court making the argument they shouldn't have to pay the fine.

The Public Safety Department says they are looking into the matter.


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