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Nikita's Maggie Q's Talks Finale

"It's the beginning of the end!" Nikita series star Maggie Q announced when LA TV Insider Examiner sat down with her in Los Angeles earlier this week to talk about the next all-new episode, "Crossbow."

"I love that...the last two episodes are always one big story. The clock is ticking. She's not listening to anyone. She's got herself in a position where she's serious; she doesn't want to live like this anymore; she's pissed. So she's going down; she's reckless. But when isn't she!?"

In "Crossbow," Percy (Xander Berkeley) calls the President the United States (guest star Cameron Daddo) and threatens to set off a nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) finds two scientists who could help stop Percy's new nuclear satellite, so Nikita and Michael (Shane West) head after one and Sean (Dillon Casey) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) look for the other. Unfortunately, Alex and Sean get caught at the very location that Percy blows up as an example of his power. Meanwhile, Nikita realizes the best way to stop Percy is to go into the belly of the beast-- Division itself.

And once Nikita is in there, she may find herself more alone than she realized.

"It is a reality that Nikita can bring all of these people together and keep them together for as long as she can," Maggie Q shared. "But it's going to take a third season to see where that goes. And that would be the fun, main reason for a third season-- to be able go into the intracacies of what will happen with that group."

For more from Maggie Q, be sure to check out our video chat to the left. But be warned! There is a spoiler in there (:42) about a surprising kiss in "Crossbow."

Nikita airs on The CW on Friday nights at 8pm. "Crossbow" airs on May 11th 2012 and the second season finale will air on May 18th 2012.


Maggie Q talks about the lead-up to the second season finale of 'Nikita' by Danielle Turchiano on YouTube

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