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Newspaper Guild Distributes Flyers About Byline Strike Outside Convention Center

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh was seen passing out flyers outside of the David Lawrence Convention Center on Saturday.

Newspaper employees have recently been participating in a byline strike against higher officials in the organization, including John Robinson Block and Allan Block.

"We love the Post-Gazette and are honored to serve our community as the PG has done for 233 years," Guild president Michael Fuoco said. "We are worried that the unconscionable actions of the Blocks and Burris not only threaten our jobs as journalists but the continuation of the dominant source of news for the region.

"We are doing everything in our power to save our jobs and the soul of the Post-Gazette."

The flyer claims that workers have been denied raises, intimidated and forced out among other allegations. They advocate for people to use the saying "No PG Without You" and to email Publisher John Robinson Block, Block Communications Inc. Chairman Allan Block and Post-Gazette Executive Editor Keith Burris.

"Journalism is a cornerstone of democracy. It is incredibly disappointing that the owners of Pittsburgh's paper of record are making it difficult to be a journalist at this historic institution," said Ashley Murray, a member of the Newspaper Guild's mobilization committee.

The byline strike has been ongoing since Nov. 20.

"It's a rough time to be an employee at the Post-Gazette. All we want is to serve our readers and be fairly compensated for our hard work, yet we face demoralizing tactics at every turn," said Sharon Eberson, a 40-year PG employee and member of the Guild mobilization committee.

"By leafleting at this big event on education, we hope that readers will be made aware of our ongoing plight and that their show of support will help bring our leaders to their senses and force them to bargain in good faith."

The annual Play It Forward Pittsburgh toy drive and the Public Education Forum, which Democratic candidates will be attending, are both happening at the convention center today.

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