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New laws now in effect in Pennsylvania in 2024

New laws now in effect in Pennsylvania in 2024
New laws now in effect in Pennsylvania in 2024 01:35

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's the first day of 2024 and the new year means new laws and regulations across the country and that includes here in Pennsylvania!

As we start the new year, there are new laws you should know about in Pennsylvania, including areas of women's healthcare, cybersecurity, voter registration, and dog licenses.

Crime and Public Safety

Starting with crime and safety, more criminal records can be sealed from public view.

Fewer people might be kept on probation or in county jails under the new legislation,

Porch pirating is now a felony and uses a grading system to increase penalties that focuses on repeat offenders.

The Attorney General's Office also has a new Deputy Attorney General who will prosecute retail theft.

Fitness requirements for prospective police officers will now be lower.

Also, your data will now be safer as a new law requires insurance entities to do a cybersecurity risk assessment, create protocols, and report data breaches.

Pet Laws

When it comes to our four-legged friends, dogs must be licensed when they're three months old and the license must be transferred to a new owner.

Pet shops also must display specific information about dogs for sale or adoption. 

Dangerous dogs must be muzzled, leashed, and under physical restraint. Additional penalties and fines will be added for violations.


When it comes to your health, fentanyl testing will be included in a urine drug screening at most hospitals.

Governor Shapiro also signed a law to remove out-of-pocket costs for genetic testing for hereditary breast, ovarian, prostate, and other cancer syndromes.


In education, teachers will be allowed to wear religious garb in 2024, which was not the case before.

And school districts have more flexibility where they can have a minimum of 180 days in a school year or 900 hours at an elementary school and 990 hours at a secondary school, but not both.

Low-income families in our state will get more money through the state's Child and Dependent Care Enhanced Tax Credit.

Penn State, Pitt, Temple, and Lincoln must significantly increase the amount of university personnel information they disclose.

A new policy will make sure schools allow children of active-duty military members who are given orders to the Commonwealth to enroll in the school district before moving to Pennsylvania.

Voter registration

If you renew your driver's license or state ID you can automatically register to vote, but you will have the choice to opt out.

Property tax and rent rebate program

175,000 more Pennsylvania seniors can now participate in the property tax and rent rebate program, which raises the maximum rebate for seniors from $650 to $1000.


When it comes to food, legislation permanently established the Pennsylvania Preferred Organic program.

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