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New Details Emerging In Steubenville Rape Investigation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There are new details in the Steubenville rape investigation.

Lawyers for the two football players charged in the case say they're considering asking the trial be moved, in part because potential witnesses are being threatened.

Attorneys say the potential witnesses are being threatened not to testify; and they are worried that if the trial is open to the public, their names may be published through social media.

The pictures of Steubenville football players holding the wrists and ankles of an alleged rape victim sparked outrage.

The audio of a young man callously describing the alleged victim set off a firestorm: "That's like rape. It is rape."

On Monday, for the first time, a Columbus, Ohio, attorney representing the teenager shown in the videos is speaking out.

"The video was made about 2 or 2:30 in the morning on Aug. 12, and Michael was very callously talking about the sexual assaults that he had been told about by others," said attorney Dennis McNamara.

Hundreds have protested both the alleged rape and the comments made on the video. The teenage boy's attorney understands the anger.

"There's no excuse or justification for the comments and jokes Michael made on the video, and with some sober reflection, he is ashamed and embarrassed to hear them himself," said McNamara.

At this point, no one believes the teenage boy who made the comments did anything criminal.

"He sincerely regrets his behavior and his comments and the effect that it's had on all parties involved, including his own family," McNamara said. "He was not raised to act in this manner."

Meantime, the attorney representing one of the young men accused in the sexual assault now believes his client may not be able to get a fair trial in Steubenville. They may want the trial moved.

Also, there are reports the U.S. Justice Department is planning to get involved in the case and pursue possible civil rights violations.

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